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How To Do A Garden Waste Removal By Yourself

It is tempting to hire a gardening company for your garden waste removal, however when the days are warm and you're relaxing at home, it gives you something to do. Clearing out your place gives you an immense satisfaction; however you may not always know where to begin from. Should you pick up the leaves first, or should you trim the hedges? There are no hard, fast and set rules to doing something, so you can go as you like. However, we have created a small list for you to follow which will ensure that every part of your garden will be covered and clean by the end of it all.

1) It is wise indeed to start raking up the leaves first – do a thorough leaf clearance. The trick is always to ensure that your mind sees the place being cleaned. The reason for this is because when it sees a larger surface area cleaned up, you are much more motivated to continue than to start with the tricky bits first. Ensure you have a large bin bag, and keep sticking all the leaves and other cluttered waste such as empty crisp packets that have blown in into the plastic bag, too. When your ground is clear, you're able to proceed with everything else!

2) Take a large pruner and clip everything on your trees that you see are empty branches and twigs. Trees shed lots of leaves all year round; however the branches are something that will keep taking up unnecessary water without cause, leaving the actual tree to suffer. Clip them where they grow out of the tree trunk and throw them into a separate bin bag, ensuring that you can tie it up at the end. You can put the clippings into the same bag that you put the leaves into, however it may prove a little tricky to dispose of at the end.

3) Take a garden trimmer and trim all your hedges and bushes. Whilst they may look beautiful and provide the much needed privacy and distinction between your neighbours and yourself, it becomes a challenge when they start to grow out of control. You find yourself desperately trying to maintain them! With a trimmer, you can shave off all the excess that has grown and better yet, even shape them into a new design. The sky is the limit with hedge trimming and pruning. Do check in with your neighbours, if their side needs doing as well, as they may not have a trimmer or know how to do it.

4) Some flowers may have wilted due to the elements and not been cleaned up. It is your responsibility to pick them up and bin them. Also ensure that they are plucked from the root, otherwise it is inviting weeds to come and surround them, although there are no visible flowers.

5) As far as weeds are concerned, ensure that you always have a good weed control solution to hand! Weeds are the number one problem of every gardener, because no matter what you plant they seem to kill it. As soon as you see weeds pop up, make sure you get rid of them immediately.

6) Also, always keep a look out for things like snails and slugs that also leave their traces behind, which end up killing flowers and plants.

Once you are able to follow these instructions for garden maintenance and garden tidy ups, you will be well onto your way to having a beautiful well groomed garden that you will enjoy spending time in!

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