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Perfect garden design experts who really listen to your needs and transform your ideas into reality. Islington Grass Maintenance are reliable affordable and provide an excellent service.

  • Louise Ball

I am a bit too old for garden maintenance so I hired gardeners from Hedge Maintenance Islington to do some basic lawn care at my garden. They are fast, efficient, and professional. Some of the best blokes in the business.

  • Charles Z.

I needed a professional gardener and got one with Hedge Maintenance Islington. He was professional to the core and cheap to hire too which was an added bonus.

  • Lucy T.

I used their gardeners the other day and was left so thrilled, I've already booked with Islington Lawn Mowing for another job. No doubt they'll impress next time around too.

  • Nicki S.

I have recently hired Gardeners Islington to do some landscaping for me, and although they've only just started they are doing a wonderful job so far, and can't wait to see what they do next.

  • Natalie Phelps

I have owned a small business for over twenty years. Every time I get a landscaping job that is too big for me to handle I call Garden Clearance Islington. They always complete the jobs I refer to them excellently and on time making me proud to have referred them to my customers.

  • Mike H.

We thought that Islington Grass Maintenance were fantastic. They showed up right on time and took care of everything we asked them to. Not only was all of the work done to a brilliant standard (even the pesky hedge pruning!) but it was the cheapest service we could find. Simply excellent.

  • Lee Grice

I needed some good old fashioned garden maintenance since my knee went out. I called Islington Lawn Mowing and they were prompt, fair, friendly and took care of my garden for that entire period. Always will recommend!

  • Hannah Warden

Garden Clearance Islington have been looking after my garden and I'm loving every minute of it. The team are always happy to get to work when they arrive and they handle every chore. They clean up my patio, look after my trees and hedges, see to weeds, water plants and more. My garden looks better than ever and it's all down to this team's skill and hard work.

  • John Evergreen

My husband and I moved into a new house which was absolutely perfect except for the garden. The house had been for sale for a while and so the garden was a complete mess with overgrown plants and weeds. Since we are both busy people, we decided to call a firm which could do a garden clear up, restoration and repair. Islington Grass Maintenance helped in the restoration of the garden and gave it a complete make-over. Since this company also offers landscaping we might be looking into that in the future. We're completely satisfied with their services and thank them for giving us a beautiful garden.

  • Mary L.

Islington Landscape Designing sent a landscape gardener out when I was trying to redesign my garden. Having been blown away by their designs I booked their team of gardeners to carry out the work for me and am very pleased I did! I finally have an outdoor space I can enjoy but one that is also easy to maintain. Thank you!

  • Jeffrey Simmonds

The gardening service I received from Gardeners Islington was second to none! I've used a few similar companies in the past but none have been as impressive or as reliable as this one. They are now my go-to company for all of my garden needs and I'm yet to be disappointed!

  • T. Marks

When I needed a new shed built in my back garden, I started doing some research, asking around and calling up a few companies to see whom I would entrust with carrying out the work. The name that kept coming up time and time again - for the right reasons - was that of GardenersIslington. I gave them a call, discussed prices and the details of my job, and then things took off from there. Standing in my back yard admiring my new shed, I can safely say that their landscaping services are first class.

  • Joe Morgan

No one likes cutting their lawn, right? I know I hate doing it but I want my garden to look good. I always feel proud when my front garden is looking its best but I really don't want to mow the lawn. There's a simple solution though because Gardeners Islington can take care of all of it. They have been cutting my grass regularly for a while now and every time they have achieved great results.

  • Isabelle Matthews

I would highly recommend this company! I hired Islington Lawn Mowing after my friend recommended them to me and I am so pleased that I decided to hire them! They make the task of gardening much easier for me. What with four children, two dogs and a fulltime job, gardening and housework are very time consuming and so this company is priceless for me! I would highly recommend their planting and grass cutting services!

  • Bobbie Blake

I am so happy with the landscaping work I received by Garden Clearance Islington. I was fed up with the state of the garden and decided to do some work to refresh it. I also wanted a garden that was easy to care for with the minimum amount of hard work since I don't like gardening! This company did a superb job and created a lovely area to enjoy when I had free time. The garden renovation was done really quickly and looks amazing. The cost of the makeover was affordable and worth every penny. If you are looking to improve your space outside then hire this company now.

  • Ernest Perry

When I hired Islington Grass Maintenance, the work was carried out as and when planned, everything was completed on time and to my exact specifications. They left the area in a very tidy condition and the team seemed to be very knowledgeable and hard working - professional down to the bone. I couldn't have asked for anything better!

  • Roy Haddon

Cutting my lawn had long been a task I dreaded, so I felt it best to outsource it. I hire Garden Clearance Islington to take care of this for me and they do it perfectly. My lawn is neater than ever and kept healthy by their hard work. If you want the best lawn of your life, then call them now.

  • June Zane

We selected Garden Clearance Islington for garden landscaping as they offered attractive packages. They are not just reasonable but are also highly competent and professional gardeners. In my observation, they follow deadlines without compromising on quality. They helped us decide which flowers would suit our garden based on the landscape, soil and surroundings. We will be employing them for our future gardening activities as well.

  • Ian J.

I have a few large trees in my back garden and have recently noticed that they've grown rather large and have begun to overpower other aspects of my garden, and blocking sunlight from entering my house. I really didn't have the means to cut the trees myself, so I called Islington Landscape Designing. I was amazed at the speed at which they worked. Sunlight was quickly streaming through my windows and it was all thanks to their team of expert tree surgeons.

  • Lucy

At some point in the year it usually becomes necessary to book Islington Lawn Mowing to do some leaf collection at our office premises in town. They are so amazing professional and their prices cost effective. They take care of all our leaf clearance now and we have no intention of going anywhere else.

  • R. Richards

Once a year I hire the garden clean up services of Islington Grass Maintenance. I've got three children and as they grow up, they leave piles of unwanted or broken toys lying all over the garden. Each year the gardening clean up team makes light of what must be a tough job and it doesn't cost much at all. I don't know what I would do without them.

  • Tania J.

Garden maintenance services from Garden Designers Islington have taken away my worries. Since entrusting my garden to the experts, I have been enjoying the fresh air and lovely ambience of my outdoor space. I just love sitting back on my patio and relaxing with my cup of tea every evening. Just can't say how glad I am that I hired the best!

  • Sarah George

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